Making an Insurance Claim

The first step is to contact your insurance broker to help you make a claim on your policy. Your broker knows you and your policy and will be a helpful guide during the process.

For claims reporting Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Time, email

If you are experiencing an after hours claim emergency, call our toll-free 24-hour emergency claim service for your province

The Claims Process

Find a step-by-step overview below of the claims process at Four Points Insurance:

1 – Experience a Loss

The starting point for any claim is triggered by a loss. While the following best practices may seem obvious, during a loss it can be hard to remember what to do.

If there was a theft, vandalism, robbery, or malicious act, report to the authorities or police and notify banks and credit card companies about any stolen debit or credit cards

If there is a fire, call your local emergency fire service.

Protect your property from further damage
Where it is safe to do so, take immediate action to protect your property and prevent further damage.

  • Shut off your water supply and contact a plumber if necessary. Remove any excess water.
  • Secure broken windows, doors and openings in the roof and walls of the business.
  • Separate and remove undamaged contents from affected areas. Do not dispose of anything, including damaged building materials, plumbing fixtures, and appliances until you have spoken with your adjuster.

Document your Loss
Take photos and list details of damaged or stolen items.

  • Do not dispose of any contents, appliances, building materials or plumbing fixtures.
  • Keep accurate records of time spent repairing or cleaning items.
  • Gather proof of ownership which can include original purchase receipts, bills, appraisals, warranty and manual information, or photographs.

Save receipts for any expenses you incur because of your claim.

2 – Make a Claim or Report a Claim

As your broker is your first point of contact to purchase insurance, they are also there to help you through a claim. Report your claim as soon as possible. Provide details of your loss including any photos, video, witness testimony, and contact information.

3 – Claim Review

Once you have reported your claim, it will be reviewed in full to understand the facts and determine liability (if applicable). A Claim Adjuster may attend your property to help with the review or to gather additional information. To understand the extent of the damages, FPI may enlist the help of appraisers, engineers, medical experts, or contractors.

You can help the progress of your claim review by:

  • Completing and returning any forms
  • Providing a statement and other documentation when requested
  • Assisting with obtaining repair estimates.
  • Notifying your adjuster of any concerns or problems along the way
4 – Review Insurance Coverage

Once the claim has been documented, it can be compared to the coverage listed in your insurance policy. This part of the process is very thorough to ensure you receive what you are entitled to. Your adjuster will also advise you about applicable insurance deductibles or limits as they apply to your claim.

5 – Payment

If insurance coverage is confirmed, FPI will make arrangements for payment. We will often recommend vendors and contractors to help you replace and repair your property. These experts are selected by FPI based on their customer service, experience, professionalism, and quality.

FPI can quickly deliver payments up to $10,000  via INTERAC e-Transfer meaning, once confirmed, you can receive funds immediately rather than waiting for a hold after depositing a cheque.

Submit a Claim

To get started with a claim, please complete the form below. If this claim is an emergency, please call 855.535.0554 for BC and call 877.896.0113 for ON. We are available 24/7.