Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Providing an invaluable insurance experience, every time.

Our Vision: Inspire Trust. Deliver Satisfaction.

Our Values

These are the values that will guide us as we work to make our Mission and Vision a reality.


Owning our impact.


We believe in what we do.


We build and maintain strong relationships.


Providing a solid foundation through our ethics, knowledge, and fairness

Our Story

Climate change is altering the risks business owners face when operating day-to-day.

A global landscape connects business owners from even the smallest communities in Canada to customers in any country.

Digital connectivity means a small business can make a viral splash viewed by millions, whether positive or negative.

Four Points Insurance was formed in 2022 to support small businesses through the many adjustments they must face now, and in the future. Built with a passion for customer service and risk management, Four Points Insurance offers business owners a suite of commercial package insurance options for businesses in the following industries:

  • Business and Professional Services
  • Contractors
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Realty
  • Retail
  • ESG Focus

    Four Points Insurance is committed to embracing change and sustainability with a particular focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives.


    We consider the environmental impact of our business and choose to act as a steward of nature. Our policyholders face challenges like resource use, pollution, climate risk, energy use, and waste management. Four Points Insurance understands those challenges and seeks to innovate commercial risk management. In other words, we help policyholders minimize their risk and prevent losses while facing these unique problems.


    Four Points Insurance builds relationships with brokers, vendors, and suppliers who uphold similar values to ours. We are involved in the communities where we do business through donations, staff volunteerism, scholarships, and bursaries. Internally, FPI cultivates and promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality for staff and external partners.


    Insurance companies follow strict regulatory guidelines to protect the public. Four Points Insurance chooses to factor in an added layer of internal controls through ESG. We embrace corporate transparency and responsible management at every level of the organization.

    Corporate Citizen

    Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are pillars which Four Points Insurance stands by. From choosing investment partners to the risk management approach of our underwriters to ordering supplies for our office, sustainability factors into every aspect of our business.

    Much like the long-standing heritage of our parent company, The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia, we respect and value a stable, forward-thinking approach to writing commercial insurance while participating in our community.

    Investing in the Broker Channel

    Four Points Insurance is dedicated to supporting our broker channel. We partner with Managing General Agents as well as large and small brokerages in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario to deliver small business insurance solutions. Becoming a broker with Four Points Insurance means building a relationship where we work together on delivering the best service to policyholders.